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Do you love NashBowls so much that you want your very own truck to serve fresh and fruity bowls? We're growing and would love you to grow with us.


Become an Owner

Interested in growing our NashBowls Fleet? How berry exciting! We'd love for you to invest in the NashBowls family. Inquire with us below.

Please Fill Out the Below Form To Inquire

What opportunity are you interested in?
Are you interested in owning a Truck or a Storefront?
Do you currently rent or own your home?
Will there be other primary owners involved?
Do you intend for this to be your sole source of income?
What is the time frame you have in mind?
Do you have prior experience working in the food industry?
Do you have prior experience working in customer service?
Are you comfortable driving a large vehicle?

Thanks for submitting!

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